5 Ideas to Increase Property Value

5 Ideas to Increase Property Value

Whether you have a big budget to spend or are working on a smaller one, there are a few ways that you can certainly add value to your property. Here are 5 ideas to help increase the value of your home – with something to suit every budget!

1. Replacement or Upgrade of Kitchen and Bathroom

One of the main things potential homebuyers are particularly interested in is the condition of kitchens and bathrooms and whether they feel either will need replacing. If the time comes to sell your home, a fresh-looking kitchen and bathroom will always add both buyer appeal and value. Tired units, an aging cooker, and general wear and tear are all things that are detrimental to a kitchen. A brand new set of cupboards, a nice new cooker, other appliances, and fresh flooring immediately add value to any property. The same can be said for a bathroom too, where modern fixtures, fresh tiling, and again, an on-trend look are great for adding value to your home.


However, total refurbishment can be expensive. The good news is that you can still add value without a full replacement. Simple things like repainting walls in a fashionable color or replacing cupboard doors in the kitchen can immediately brighten up the room and bring it more up to date. A professional oven clean can bring a tired-looking cooker back to life - a low-cost but effective measure. And in the bathroom, a new bath panel, shiny new taps, and a new light fitting are all simple, low-budget upgrades that can create a whole new look and add value.

2. A Garden Makeover or Good General Maintenance

Most people love to spend time in their gardens, and one that’s in great condition can seriously secure value in your home. Many people are having their lawns removed and replaced with artificial grass, of which there are many grades and types available. That coupled with a newly laid patio area, whether that be traditional stones or concrete, or more modern and on-trend composite decking, can immediately add value to your property. What about installing a permanent hot tub for extra desirability and value?


If a full makeover is outside of your budget, there are still ways to make your garden look great and add value. Make sure your lawn is kept in good condition, regularly mowed, watered, and any patches that show signs of wear get re-seeded and paid special attention to. Use a weed & feed product for optimum lawn health for that perfect piece of grass. Make sure concrete/patio areas are kept clean by using a jet wash. If you don’t have one, these are easily available for hire, or hire a professional! Freshly painted fences should be in good condition and secure too. Even just simple maintenance things can make a garden look great!

3. Window Replacement or Maintenance

A set of replacement windows has always been considered an almost guaranteed way to add value to your home. People love to see a fresh, on-trend set of well insulating windows on any home, so if yours are tired looking or not as air-tight as they used to be, replacing them could add hundreds or thousands of dollars to the value of your home.


If you don’t have the budget to replace windows, repainting frames, cleaning them, and a few ongoing repairs such as replacing seals etc can all be done at a relatively low cost. While they may not be brand new, windows that look good and do their job can still add value to your home.

4. If it's Broken, Fix It!

A few maintenance jobs can make a huge difference to the desirability of a property and the offers you get. Some simple things to consider: are all power sockets and light fittings working? Is every door opening and closing as it should? Issues like leaking faucets, mold, and dampness are easy to correct things that a prospective buyer will look at. A home where everything works and is in good shape is a more valuable home as any prospective future buyer will not be making a list of things, they need to spend money on.

5. Energy Efficiency

We’re all increasingly conscious of the environmental effect that our presence has on the planet, and as the cost of heating and powering our homes increases, more and more people are looking toward improving the efficiency of their homes.


Equipment like solar panels to produce electricity or heat water is increasingly popular and will be a great feature when it comes to the “future-proofing” of your home and its value, although these should be viewed as long-term investments.


New windows, efficient insulation, and the use of timers or low energy lightbulbs, are all ways to reduce energy consumption and increase the overall efficiency of your home, and a property that is more economical to power and heat will of course be more desirable, and likely more valuable when it goes on the market.



If you would like more ideas on ways to increase the value of your property, please contact Blue Horizon Realty and Lending, INC in Escondido, CA. Call 760-237-4092 today.

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